About this Campaign

We’ve included legal references presented to the N.A.A.C.P., Governor Haslam, and the Senate below, but ultimately to make the Martin Luther King Tennessee license plate a reality we need your support. Please continue reading for more information.

As a 501(C).3 organization we took notice of the lack of a commemorative license plate honoring one of our greatest heroes. Among the hundreds of personalized Tennessee license plates there’s not one for Dr. King. We believe that an MLK license plate for Tennessee would be a good fit and would be beneficial for the county and the state.

State Representative Johnny Shaw from the 80th District has helped us in getting HB 102/SB 317 introduced last year. It was signed by Governor Haslam.

The state requires that we get 1,000 residents to purchase the license plate before TDOT will start to produce the plates for purchase. We have begun the petition process, along with some preliminary design, however time to get signatures and commitments under HB 102/SB 317 will expire June 1, 2019.

Again with the help of Representative Shaw, HB1521/SB2693 has passed the house and is waiting on approval from the senate. The MLK update is in Amendment #4-55-4-201 (h) (1) extended to July 1, 2019. We need your help getting 1,000 signatures and $35.00 commitments to pre purchase license plates.

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